Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Just What Is Golf Netting?

Golf netting is an important piece of equipment that is often overlooked. There are many different uses for this specialty netting, and it's not something any driving rang or golf course should be without. The first use is obvious: it's great for golf courses to protect high income houses. In many areas nice houses are around the country club or golf course, meaning you want some tall nets standing between the edge of the course and all the windows that a golf ball could break right through.

In this case taller netting is a good call to make sure even the tallest or most errant of hits won't make it to damaging one of the houses.

Batting cages are another place where this netting comes in handy. This works both for baseball as well as for golf hitting cages where you can work on the technical aspects of your swing without worrying about having to chase your balls afterwards.

Finally, there's no question that driving ranges absolutely can't exist without quality netting. Not only does this prevent liability issues from hitting people and give golfers (and even non-golfers) the ability to work out their aggression, but it keeps all the golf balls on property for easy collection, as well.

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